Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a tropical place

there is only one place where you can find these places..

(all photos by L. Espedido)

[best if you're lookin' for a tropical-vacation-place.]

so, what can you say?


real people

people i know who got some style..

P.S. if your pic is in here (above), hope you won't mind. ;)


Friday, May 21, 2010

look alike?

when i first saw andy from stylescrapbook..

she reminded me of..

carla abellana

marian rivera

[both are local actresses in our country]

i know you don't know these people (me neither, i don't like watchin' them on tv, hehe) but i really do think they've got somethin' in common with andy..

..or is it just me who thinks this way?? but one thing's for sure, andy's the coolest. ;)

P.S. andy, hope you won't mind about me posting your pic.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

soul sisters

i so L.O.V.E. my soul sisters. <3
these are my friends. we usually call ourselves "BM" and i do mind sharing what it means, so please, just let it pass! we may have misunderstandings every now and then, but who cares, those are normal anyway! :)

so, what do you think about my friends? ;)


uhm, just want to share a local artist here in the philippines. she's ANNE CURTIS, she's half filipino && half australian. she is an actress, a host, an endorser, a model. i know most of her style are somewhat not-so-original (so blair waldorf-y) and a bit too playful, but still i like it && i like how she manages herself. and as you can see, she usually have that touch of tropical look (tank tops, shorts) because in our country, its so hot!
by the way, magazines call her as one of the best dressed people here in our country.

so what do you think?

i wanna be a billionaire!

yo. have you seen/heard bruno mars' && travie mcCoy's music video for billionaire?

click here to watch.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

they got some STYLE

well, here are some of the bloggers/blogs i love when i started bein' a blog-reader addict just early this year..

[btw, there are a lot of bloggers that i love/like but there's too much to mention so i just picked the ones who i liked right from the very first time i saw them. HEHE.]

aren't they cool? :)