Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a random wednesday

a random day with the family.

at 9am, went to DFA. dad wanted to have lunch at sunburst but i insisted to eat at kfc. dad argued that kfc is unhealthy but mom supported me. ha! lunch at kfc. mom wanted to watch No Other Woman but the film hasn't arrived yet so we decided to watch a korean movie (Scandal Makers) since its the first day of the korean film festival. looked for an internet router. we decided to go to PRG Photoshop then to Ryan's Pizzarelli House (btw, their calzone was good!) then to Rainforest Park because dad wanted to check out the place. went back to sm to watch another korean movie (For Eternal Hearts) to kill time before we dropped-off my brother at his office. at 10pm, home!

Super Heavy - Miracle Worker


Monday, September 26, 2011

dear young at heart


- - -
(the brother, photographer of the night.)

afternoon: my aunt's networking business gathering.
evening: parkmall. boosog. yogu. home.

P.S. i actually have duty today, but forgive me if i'm too lazy to write even a single word for my requirements. our instructor's policy: no requirements = absent. might as well stay at home and make this day productive and relaxing for me! the weather's very cooperative, btw. colds + cough, go away! dark clouds, stay! :)

Coeur De Pirate - Francis


Sunday, September 25, 2011

music and yogurt


(bored in the back seat with ze brother.)

a one-week late post.

parkmall. manila foodshoppe. sm. US navy band on stage. ze sister's boyfriend playing the guitar. yo-go boy. IT park. ze brother's office. home.

P.S. me, a sucker for both polaroid-like and film camera-like photos/effects (or anything vintage-y, i guess.) thank you NH for sharing your curves! :)

Keane - Somewhere Only We Know


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

from Preview with love

January/February 2011.

August 2009.

just another random post. i'm inspired. just because.

the Preview Magazine.
one of my favorite Preview issues is probably the January/February issue. it is packed with a lot of ideas and inspirations, from fashion to beauty to music, in almost every page! plus, one of the greatest stylists in the Philippines on the cover will surely pump up your curiosity!

..but their august 2009 issue will probably remain the most memorable for me because it is where i first got interested with fashion blogging (from real + inspirational people) that eventually became my favorite hobby.
thinking about it now, i thank myself for being so bored that day and for taking extra attention on that certain page! :)

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks