Friday, December 16, 2011

closing time


have you guessed what's that name and link for? if you've been following me on twitter you've probably guessed correctly! :)

yes, that's the name and the link for my new blog!

i know this might be a little sudden that i decided to create a new blog. i didn't even know that i have the courage to create a new one after all the posts i made and after all i've been through with this blog (chos!) though i admit i've been having thoughts since i changed my blog name from yougotsomestyle to wallofmemoriesandstyle just a few months ago, but still, it's NOT an easy decision for me to work that thought. really.

the reasons why i wanted to make a new blog is that..
1) i want a new so-called 'concept' for my blog (i already have a little idea but just don't expect too much, it may be more or less the same);
2) i want a new name for my blog (don't want to create a stub blog, it makes things complicated for me and.. refer to my reason above and below);
3) due to some technical problems that are way beyond my capacity to solve (the broken photo links from my posts before? yes, that's it!) it was actually my fault because i deleted my stub blog which holds the links to my photos. i've been searching on how to fix it but i've found none so my solution is to start from scratch. if you're wondering why i would rather start from the beginning after almost two years than to contiue, well i guess, i'm that complicated and OC.

since this blog holds a very special place in my heart, i've decided that i won't delete this but i'll just keep it as a remembrance to my early days of blogging and how i grew up as a person for the last 19 months. i'll probably update this with 'links' to my new blog to keep my followers posted and to keep this blog dormant, if not inactive.

to all my followers/readers, really had fun blogging with you! thanks for all the comments and thanks for sticking up with me for 1 year and 7 months!


Semisonic - Closing Time