Tuesday, June 28, 2011

jeans to go

jeans/pants/trousers, i'll probably wear them again more often. i miss those days when i used to wear jeans everytime i go out. :)

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

the final dinner


(caviar, oyster, lychee, chervil, horseraddish)

(sardine, olive, tomato, arugula)

(sorbet, mascarpone, roquefort, apple, jalapeno)

(crab, coconut, cashew, saffron, mace)

(monkfish, capers, lemon, parsley, banana, haricot vert)

(scallop, corn, truffle oil, asparagus, butter)

(sorbet, butterscotch, sweet corn)

(pork, cornbread, sage, grapefruit, honey, fennel)

(lamb, cherry, celery, granola)

(duck, rootbeer, anise, watermelon, foie gras, onion, fennel)

(cheese, bell pepper, garlic, olive, anchovy, crouton)

(chocolate, banana, pistachio)

(mandarin orange, almond, caramel, corn)

last week was RJ's (Hannah's lil big bro, as what she calls him) graduation. he's a culinary student studying at international culinary arts academy cebu (ICAAC), guadalupe.

it was a wednesday night, which means i just came from a class and was in a hurry not to be late, but the person i was with (who btw, don't have a class at that time yet) was the one who got late for almost 30 minutes. (hahaha! hi han!)

when we arrived, everyone looked at us from the kitchen because we were already 2 courses late, but we were able to catch up. everyone in the room was so formal which made hannah and me behave formally (which we're not used to when we are together.. but we still managed to goof a little!)

the last dessert was served by the graduates, the first time we saw RJ came out from the kitchen that night..
(congratulations, chef RJ!)

(this is what my face looks like when i see FOOOOOD! LMAO.)



all photos by: Hannah (hannahbunana)

P.S. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MY DEAR DAD.. thank you for being a great dad, for sending me off to school everyday, for fetching me wherever and whenever i needed a ride, for providing all our needs and for everything! i love you! xoxo
to all the dads in the whole wide world, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

spade clothing


(me and the owner, Matt.)

-Rachel Aquino
-Jenica Limalima
-James Saniel
-Kiko Pilapil

amidst busy schedule (due to our research/thesis), me and Matt created a clothing line called SPADE CLOTHING. in the middle of May 2011, he proposed the said project and i excitedly said: ''yes! i'd love to help you design and sell!''

June came and we had our first photo shoot for Spade Clothing. we were so thankful for the photographers, models and our fellow BTS crew members for helping out. THANK YOU!

all photos by: M.Lamparas (insensibleanthropoid)

(photo by Cris Gella)

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