Sunday, January 30, 2011

love & other drugs

saturday (012911).
i watched love and other drugs together with my family.

a CUTE and ROMANTIC movie. you should watch it!

in the movie, i totally love jake gyllenhaal and anne hathaway's sunglasses.
here's a picture of one of jake's sunnies from the movie..
(vintage Ray-Ban wayferer)

too bad i wasn't able to find a picture of the sunglasses anne was wearing during their trip with the senior citizens. i think the frame of that sunglasses was gold and she wore it with a beanie. it really looks good on her. you'll see what i mean after watching it!

..and for those who watched it already, do you know what was the name/brand of anne's sunnies?

for now, i'll leave you with the movie's OST: fidelity by regina spektor.

(this song reminds me of my High School years!!! awwe.)


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

bloglovin': back to zero

i really don't know what happened to my bloglovin' account that i made last year! i can't log in. i'm left with no choice but to make a new one. i have to follow all those blogs i followed before! BACK TO ZERO. huhu.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

the longer, the better

i haven't been posting a lot lately. i've been pretty busy with school works. i can only really focus on my blog during school breaks.. i absolutely hate it!

so, to start my real post, i'll start by saying.. i've been really inspired by some bloggers to make a long, flowy skirt! the longer, the better! ;) the thing is, i still haven't found the perfect cloth/fabric to use.

here are some inspirational photos i got from different bloggers..

inspired too? :D


Saturday, January 22, 2011

one of a kind festival

last sunday (011611).
it was the day of the sinulog grand parade (posted what it was about on my previous post.) we woke up late, around 11am. we didn't left alexa's house not until 2pm. we didn't even see the parade (bummer!) hahaha! but still, we had fun on our own.

(me, alexa, mary fel, mariel, aiken)

(thanks itsangelago for taking our picture, above.)

craziness kicked in..

(we had an afternoon snack at Tablea, alexa's treat! thanks A!)

after we went outside, we had a pseudo-house party at alexa's house. the music was so loud!

we walked from alexa's house to KFC for dinner. it's just a walking distance. it was around 7pm and the streets were still full of people.

(waiting for my order. hungry! hahaha!)

(we saw a fireworks display when we were near alexa's house. cool.)

too bad, debbie (the senseless nana show) wasn't able to come because she's with her family! :/

my weekend started and ended great!

all photos by: M. Lamparas (shutterxhunter)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cropped top

this was taken inside alexa's house during her birthday.. minutes before we dined out at The Port.
the cropped top was given to me as a christmas gift by my friend, Mariel. its from Fish18, a local brand here in the philippines (a really cute shop!) i personally picked/chose it! HAHAHAHA! that's how we buy gifts--you can choose what you want and they'll buy it for you! i can't help but love them more. HAHAHA! ;)

photo by: M. Lamparas (shutterxhunter)


A's birthday

last saturday night (011511).
after the procession, we took a bath again because we got soaked from the rain and then we dined out at The Port to celebrate my friend's birthday: alexa.

(the celebrant)

(being beautiful, it runs in the blood.)

(me with shutterxhunter)

(the celebrant with shaveilachic)

after our dinner, we went to Starbucks in IT park and hung out.

(acting crazy.. again! hahaha!)

my best buddies: BM.

all photos by: M. Lamparas (shutterxhunter)