Monday, January 17, 2011

the procession

last saturday (011511).
there are 2 processions a day before the Sinulog grand parade; the first is a fluvial procession with the statue of Santo Niño carried by a pump boat (dawn) and the second is a foot procession which takes place along the major streets of Cebu City (afternoon).

me and my friends attended the second procession. before the procession started, the weather was a bit gloomy but we expected that it'll rain pretty soon. before heading out to the streets, we took some pictures..

minutes before the devotees/crowd arrived in front of us, it rained REALLY HARD! [blessing!] ;)

devotees carrying Sto. Niño statues in different shapes/sizes.

..then the rain stopped when the statue of Sto. Niño arrived! [amazing, huh?]

it was an awesome experience even though we didn't really walked with the devotees/crowd. ;)

all photos by: M. Lamparas (shutterxhunter)


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You're very beautiful :)