Saturday, January 1, 2011

NEW YEAR 1-1-11

today's officially JANUARY 1, 2011.
as i am typing, it's already 12:47 in my watch.

before 2010 ended, just minutes before new year (and hours after i made my previous post), i realized that there's one thing that made 2010 memorable for me: last year, i started my own blog, this blog, if you've seen my very first post (they got some style), you will know how/why i started blogging.. and yea, like most of us do, we got inspired by those really amazing bloggers that are flooding the internet. i am very grateful to all those bloggers, because of them, i realized how wonderful it is to share interests (especially things about fashion) with other people and meet new friends, and because of them, i realized how great blogging can be.

in my very first post, i didn't mention how did i really get into reading blogs. it all started i think (late december of 2009) early of 2010 while i was reading some of my fashion magazines in my room from months before, i got interested in one article; a girl was interviewed about where/who are her fashion inspirations, then she answered: from fashion bloggers. she mentioned karla (from karlascloset) && jane (from seaofshoes). it got me curious, so when i turned on our PC, i searched for those 2 blogs and.. tadaaaaah! i got into it immediately! then, in karla's blog, she made a post about bloggers/friends that also inspired her and that included andy (from stylescrapbook). i checked out andy's blog. at first, i was just: uhm, she's cool.. but after i checked her previous posts/archives, i was like: SHE'S AMAZING! (i'm not trying to say that karla & jane aren't!) what really got me into andy's blog was that, in most of her posts before, she made some of her clothes (with her own hands and sewing machine! = DIY posts) and her style was great and original! she's very creative, a genius! so, starting that day, i always looked up to her recent posts! :D and during that time, while i was busy reading everything on their blogs, i also discovered some bloggers that were also cool.. which made me more (MORE!) eager and inspired to make my own blog! and now, TADAAAAH part 2!!! i am, blogging my very first post for the year 2011!


P.S. # 1 hope it'll be a great/wonderful/prosperous/happy/awesome year for all of us! ;)

P.S. # 2 this is totally not what i wore during new year's eve but it's the only latest photo of me jumping for joy (literally!) hahaha!



Maria Chloe said...

cute outfit.

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love the strips and red!



Laura said...

Happy new year!

What a cute pictures!
Maybe we can follow eachother if you like?

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So adorable. Happy new years! x hivennn.

Gypsy G Designs said...

I just found your blog and it is so cute and fun. My blog is new, too. It is totally addicting! Have a great new years and I look forward to following you =}

Wildswan said...

Nice outfit ;)

Happy New Year :D

Fatima said...

cute outfit & Happy New Year!


Moniek said...

Aah such a cute outfit! Happy new year xxx

Blondes on a budget said...

such a cute outfit!! xoxoxo
happy new year. I love your blog! <3

Joanna said...

Your blog is so cute!! Come check out mine:

and let me know if want to follow each other.


PS. Happy new year!!

Carla said...

Lovely blog!

Redhead In Law

merve said...

happy new year, beauty ! ♥
check out my blog :)

"this fashion lark." said...

lovely post! the pictures are great x

Aniek said...

What a cute pictures :) And I wish you a Happy New Year!!!

adele said...

wow. thanks a lot for the comments! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! ♥



ShopeDelano said...

Ultra cute outfit! Love the head band! Happy New year! You've got a cute blog - Now following!

Hope you can do the same!