Monday, February 28, 2011

jessie j: stylized

''thou should not have a brand.''

''vintage for me is an amazing way to kinda bring character to an outfit that can be quite boring.''

''i don't think its about how much money you spent on your clothes, its about how comfortable you wear them.''


-Jessie J

i can't help but share this video of JESSIE J. i'm loving her more not only because of her music but also because of her sense of style (as well as her accent, btw.)


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Friday, February 25, 2011


one of the reasons why i love this band, aside from stating the obvious (awesome songs and voice), they know how to have real fun while doing their job.. not that the other bands don't, but there's something in them that makes them different from the others. :)

P.S. the song is not from onerepublic. when i first watched the video, i was like: 'why didn't they used a song from onerepublic? it doesn't have a connection to the video.'
nevertheless, its still a great song (its one of the songs i've put on replay even during the christmas season! hahaha!) its COMING HOME by diddy dirty money ft. skylar grey. hope you'll love it too. (click here to watch the official music video.)


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

aiken's birthday

last sunday 022011.

(aiken = shaveilachic)

last sunday was aiken's birthday (shaveilachic)..

me and my friends went to Danao last saturday afternoon and celebrated aiken's birthday at coco palms (but we stayed at el salvador.) we waited until 12 midnight just to greet her a happy birthday!
the next day, sunday, we woke up around 9am (earliest time we woke up together so far!) after we ate our breakfast, they went swimming. we packed up around 1pm, ate our lunch at danao's fishport, went thrifting then we had our photo shoot at an old church.
THANKS KEN (also to tita, tito and aika!)

all photos by: M. Lamparas (shutterxhunter)


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Friday, February 18, 2011


last 012911.

after watching love and other drugs and after eating our dinner, me and my family went to meet my friends at off-roads coffee shop. we talked and took some photos but i only stayed for a couple of minutes because it was already late.

all photos by: M. Lamparas (shutterxhunter)


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

essa + matt



(matt with his girlfriend, wilne, during sinulog '11.)

essa and matt are good friends of mine. we are currently attending the same university. i've known essa for 3 years while i've known matt for almost 8 years already. they are just two of the people i know who got some style.

essa. loves to hang out with friends and dress up; a great friend, humble and owns a ton of clothes and girly stuffs.
matt. loves to hang out with friends and knows how to dress up; talks a lot, confident, creative and competitive.


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