Saturday, February 12, 2011

bullet from a gun

SORRY but this post won't be about fashion. if you've seen or read all my posts, sometimes i also blog about music-related stuff (as well as movies and everything i'm interested in!) i'll just post something fashion-related later when i'm back from my friends house.

okay, there are some songs that you just can't stop playing even though it has been days, weeks or even months since you first heard them. maybe some of you are not like that or maybe some of you might think its weird but for me its normal.. i'm that kind of person, especially if the song has a great meaning or if it comes from one of my favorite artists/bands.

and speaking of bands, here are the top bands i think i won't easily get tired of listening and bands you'll mostly find in my ipod:
-the script
-one republic
-the fray
-far east movement
-jack's mannequin
-snow patrol
-angels and airwaves

i'll leave you with a song FOR THE FIRST TIME by the script. it's the first song i heard from their latest album, SCIENCE AND FAITH (ALL songs are awesome; i've been listening to their album for months already!) you should check it out too, its worth listening! ENJOY!

what are your favorite bands/artists/songs?


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