Tuesday, February 15, 2011

essa + matt



(matt with his girlfriend, wilne, during sinulog '11.)

essa and matt are good friends of mine. we are currently attending the same university. i've known essa for 3 years while i've known matt for almost 8 years already. they are just two of the people i know who got some style.

essa. loves to hang out with friends and dress up; a great friend, humble and owns a ton of clothes and girly stuffs.
matt. loves to hang out with friends and knows how to dress up; talks a lot, confident, creative and competitive.


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aiken said...

oh no! i just wish matt won't see this! :)) HAHA

shutterXhunter said...

same here ken. HAHA.

kiakiakiakia said...

so cute! thumbs up for your stylish friends!!

Stiene said...

They look great! x