Sunday, February 13, 2011

jacquelyn jablonski

before, i posted one of my favorite models which was freja beja erichsen. now, i'll introduce you to another favorite model of mine, JACQUELYN JABLONSKI. from the moment i first saw her photos months ago, i was really amazed with her facial features and her style..

''whether she's painted in otherworldly makeup or basically barefaced, Jablonski's intriguing visage commands attention.'' -WWW

for more info about jacquelyn jablonski, check out her interview here.


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Veronica said...

She's wonderful!!!

nice blog!
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Claire and Vasia said...

Great post!!!!! We follow your blog and we would appreciate it if you follow us back :D

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Sofi Stellar said...

She is SO beautiful! Great post and collection of photos!