Sunday, January 30, 2011

love & other drugs

saturday (012911).
i watched love and other drugs together with my family.

a CUTE and ROMANTIC movie. you should watch it!

in the movie, i totally love jake gyllenhaal and anne hathaway's sunglasses.
here's a picture of one of jake's sunnies from the movie..
(vintage Ray-Ban wayferer)

too bad i wasn't able to find a picture of the sunglasses anne was wearing during their trip with the senior citizens. i think the frame of that sunglasses was gold and she wore it with a beanie. it really looks good on her. you'll see what i mean after watching it!

..and for those who watched it already, do you know what was the name/brand of anne's sunnies?

for now, i'll leave you with the movie's OST: fidelity by regina spektor.

(this song reminds me of my High School years!!! awwe.)


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Kris said...

you have great style :)

Glenda C said...

hes a cutie

Moniek said...

I have to see that movie!

Sassy said...

Great blog :D.
Alla Moda e con Stile


he's so cool! following you!

LaToya said...

I soooo want to see that movie! Jealous. He's very handsome. Sweet blog btw! Are you doing the 30 for 30?


Becky-May said...

Loving his sunnies! Great blog!

The Flower Girl


LoliTa said...

i really want to see this, apparently it's amazing! will try and spot the sunnies...!

Buy WoW Warlock said...

it is a nice movie:)

jadaandjon said...

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Coury Combs said...

That song is so good..

Annabel said...

aww i totally loved the movie too! So great, love your blog! :)

Claudia said...

great song!!!
nice post and blog :)


crystal glamour said...

same for me too
while i was watching that movie i loved his sunnies so much :)

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welcometodeutschland said...

i really want to see love and other drugs! and i also LOOOOOVE regina spektor, there is truly no one else like her

follow me and ill follow you :)


Anonymous said...

Great movie! I absolutely love Regina Spector too.. Listen to Hotel Song, it is by far my favorite.

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