Monday, June 13, 2011

science and faith one of my favorite songs from The Script's second album, Science and Faith (as if every song from S&F is not my favorite. HA!) if you've only seen my face when i first heard this song.. i was smiling like CRAZY! hahahaha! GREAT SONG + GREAT BAND = PERFECTION.

looking back months ago, i realized this song (and 15 others!) is/are nostalgic; reminds me of how i spent my last months in 2010. how could it not remind me if i murdered my repeat button for almost two months?! (click here for the complete list of songs i'm referring to and here for the bands i love listening to.)

forgive me if i'm blabbing (its actually one of my habits!) anyway.. this is my blog; this blog serves as my memory wall. just bear with me. P&TY! :)


The Platinum Batch said...

I love the blog and the post with pix of your friends outfits too, its like getting a few outfit ideas at once!

check mine out sometime :)

Michaela said...

Really cute blog :-)

My blog
xoxo Michaela