Saturday, September 3, 2011

facts about this and that

(fact: sometimes i'm shy/bold/unpredictable/insecure/confident/vulnerable/straightforward/all at once.)

today's Saturday! we actually have classes today (bummer!) but i'm effin' tired to step out of our house. ha! so before i go to school for my next class (which is approximately 4 hours from now), i'll take time to make a post about something out of the blue. here it goes..

fact: this blog is not really my personal personal blog (i mean, the private kind.) its not that the posts i made were not about who i really am. in fact, its really about my life, my interests, about me, or should i say: the superficial me that doesn't involve any strong emotions.

fact: if none of the people i know personally have known about this blog, i wouldn't mind blabbing everything i feel in here and i wouldn't have created another blog (where no one really knows me) just for my rants/blabs.

fact: because i know strangers won't read too long posts, but if they do, i know they won't mind whatever i'll post, and if they do mind, its not a big deal hearing what strangers have to say about me.. they're just strangers that i don't have any attachments with and the only thing thay can do is cyber slap me if they don't like or if they are so fed up with my rants posts.

fact: if i'll be talking about convenience + privacy, i doubt a person or two have dropped by on that blog. btw, if its still not obvious, i manage that blog anonymously.

as what most bloggers say: blog to EXPRESS, not to impress. so starting from now on (actually i've already started weeks ago), i won't mind posting semi-personal posts, but i'll still keep my other blog in case some of my rants posts will be too personal for me to post it here. :)

P.S. here's a song that my friends and i currently love to play on repeat. have fun listening!

Lil Wayne - How to Love

photos are inspired by Lea. (epic fail! hahaha!)


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