Friday, December 31, 2010

i can hear fireworks

wow! today's really the last day of 2010.
(i can totally hear, at this very moment, fireworks outside our house and as i'm typing, i'm listening to katy perry's firework! COOL. hahaha!)

there's actually nothing special (as i can remember) that happened to me this year, except my studies (which have been really hard for me), but still, seeing it end is a bit sad. i also think that this year has gone so FAST! don't you think so?? i can still recall the things i did early this year and it seemed that it just happened yesterday/days ago. *time flies so fast!*

well anyway, the end and the beginning of something has come.. BITTERSWEET!
just wanna greet you all a

P.S. how will you spend your new year's eve?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

tomorrow's the last day

tomorrow will be the last day of 2010!
this year has gone super fast!
how will you spend your new year's eve/the first day of 2011??


dwell in possibility

CAUTION: this is going to be a loooooooong post... patience is nothing but a must! ;)

this morning, i was thinking of posting something NOT lookbook on my blog. while i was surfing the net, i went to TUMBLR and updated my tumblr blog and found this cool blog: europeanmadness
at first i was just curious about its name so i checked it out and then TADAAAAAH! i can't stop reblogging ALL of her posts! they're totally inspirational/calming/awesome!

these are some of her posts-- places i would die to visit/experience..

everything's possible!

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