Tuesday, August 24, 2010

feels like vacation

ahhwe. it seems like i've been neglecting my blog lately! :(
well, the truth is.. i've been very busy and i also went for a short trip last week to attend one of my dear friend's birthday in mindanao--> such a great place!

[and thank you for being so hospitable.. as well as to tita and tito!]

we really had a great time!
here are some of the pictures we took during her birthday..

i'll just find some time to post the other pictures we took.. 'cause there's a whole lot more!
we took about 2000++ pictures.. and to think that we only stayed there for less than a week! well, you just can't blame us, there are a lot of activities we want to do && places we badly want to visit/explore! hahaha! so, i gotta sort it all out first then i'll make a post ASAP! :)



CoffeeBlooms said...

cute pictures! seems like you really had a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

THANKS! we really did! :)

wanda said...

lovely blog<3

xoxo wanda