Monday, July 25, 2011

one wednesday morning

(all photos are from people i follow on tumblr.)

i was alone in the house.
i felt low.
i turned my laptop on.
i found the photos above.
i'm ALIVE. :)

i'm trying to really live life.. like, love and embrace whatever/everything life throws at me.

indeed, that thinking and those photos above made my day better (if not great.)
what actually happened today was.. i lost my money. i forgot to get my wallet from my bag before i went on duty in the hospital (we leave our bags in a classroom, a building away from the hospital.) when i had my wallet 4 hours later, i found out that 3/4 of my money was stolen. then.. i think i don't have to say more, just insert ''that thinking'' here. hehe.
its the biggest amount i've lost so far which will be enough of a reason (plus, there are a lot of requirements due tom) for me to be sad and be angry to whoever did it, but.. my mind's not cooperating! ha! thank god! :)
yea, this is it! i can feel it! this is optimism! HAHAHA.

P.S. hope you're also having this kind of feeling right at this very moment. ciao!


Olivia said...

These are all so inspiring :)

vintage process said...

Great pictures!!

Margaret said...

love the pics, the first ring is stylish and absolutely gorgeous!

Liberty Walk Sara said...

Great photos! like it! :))