Wednesday, July 14, 2010


the danish model who got edgy, cool, rocker-chic style && 14 [and a lot more to come && pop up!] tattoos.
yea, its the freja i'm talkin' about, FREJA BEHA ERICHSEN. who doesn't know her?

..and her legendary tattoos??

"Float" located on the left side of her neck

♥ upside down triangle on the back of her neck (outlined first, filled in later)

circle done with dashed-lines behind her right ear

cross on her right earlobe

"Serendipity is Life" on the back of her upper right arm

colt revolver on the inside of her upper left arm

"This Too Shall Pass" on the inside of her upper right arm

"This World Tonight is Mine" on her right wrist

"Redemption" on her upper left forearm

three circles on her left wrist (outlined first, filled in later)

star on her upper left torso (outlined first, filled in later)

"M" on her upper right torso

lightening bolt on her upper right torso (to cover up the "M")

lines on her left middle finger


Y & C said...

Freja is one of my favortite models, I totally love her! And her tatto is amazing!

* *

Miss Woody said...

love her !

nemee said...

freja has amazing style , she is so chic !

Mystery Bruises said...

she never does seem to go wrong does she! i wish i could get away with that many cool tatoos shes so awesome!

Laura said...

She is so beautiful and I love her style!! She makes me proud of being Danish!!