Sunday, July 25, 2010

take time to relax

after a stressful week full of school works, i made my weekend productive and unwinding!
yesterday, i went to watch INCEPTION with my family.. it was a great movie!
today, i had a BODY MASSAGE.. a great way to start another stressful week!
and by the way, before i went to have a body massage..



..i went to see the SEA!
its been months since the last time i went to a beach and it's quite ironic thinkin' that i'm living in a country surrounded with water!

p.s. when i transferred all the pictures to the pc, some of the pictures got lost! including the pictures of me with the sea!!! and i don't know why or where did it go! :/ sorry.



Miiicha said...

I like your glasses!:)

Carmen said...

You got some style girl ;)

very nice

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Marylena said...

i love your sunglasses!!!
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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot everybody!

Slanelle said...

your glasses are so lovely!