Thursday, March 31, 2011

it keeps me going

i just had my lunch (instant noodles) and now i'm sipping a can of soda as i am making this post. it occurred to me that i haven't made a lot of post for this month, so to make it up before March ends, i decided to make a random post today.

all the photos above really caught my eye this month so i saved it in my PC and iPod (yea, i do that all the time. forgive me?) they definitely inspire me which i totally need these past few days (and for the weeks to come): A LOT OF INSPIRATION TO KEEP ME FROM BEING BORED/DEPRESSED. in case you're wondering why: i just found out yesterday that our duty starts next week.. for 3 weeks! postponed summer vacation again this year! in case you're wondering again: i am a NURSING student (a very tiring/exhausting/mind boggling/suicidal course btw)

P.S. all photos above are from different bloggers that i follow on: bloglovin', lookbook and tumblr.. in short, i don't own them. ;)

MY LOOK (garland ceremony)



Nerdic.. said...

Ah! Thank you for featuring!

Miri said...

These are great looks and I also love love love your dress!

PS: Come and follow me if you like

zoelovefashion said...

Lovely post!
I love your blog!
Maybe we can follow eachother?

Keyla M. Rosas R. said...

i just found your blog. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on my blog. A nice pair of sunnies! it's worldwide! = )
I allways follow back!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Flaviana Boni said...

I like your blog!
I follow you, follow me back please ;)


helena said...

I love those outfits. And I also love yours!

LA said...

Such a cute dress!


Vera said...

Great looks (love the first one)! and your dress looks so sweet xx


these are soo inspiring!! great blog u have, hope you'll stop by! xo

Gorgeous Clara said...

great selection!

Merv said...

Lovely dress! x