Saturday, April 2, 2011

if you ever come back

The Script just released their new music video!
yea, i've been a fan since their ''we cry'' and ''the man who can't be moved'' days! they're awesome. their songs are hard to describe because its so effin' good! you can really feel that they put their heart and soul in every lyrics/songs they make. most of their videos are simple but it leaves a meaningful message that most people can relate to.

a few months ago, before i knew that they'll be having a concert here in the Philippines on April 16, 2011, i promised myself that i'll really watch them live if ever they'll visit our country.
too bad i can't fulfill that promise because:
-its going to be in Manila (a plane away from my hometown)
-my parents won't allow me
-i still have a duty at that time
-my aunt from UK will be coming home this summer
*sad. depressed. frustrated. i feel like crying.*

P.S. hope you like their song + new music video! :)



Le style jamais. said...

Ehi, i love yor blog really.
Will you check mine?

eveline fashion-diary said...

great post!!!
i love it


ROBINE said...

Great blogpost! I like it :)

xx Robine

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful,
I love it !! ♥


CessOviedo said...

Aww how sad, so sorry about that! I know the feeling of you favorite band coming and not seeing them, hopefully next time at least there's youtube to enjoy their videos, big fan of them too, break even is my fave!

Cess O. <3
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