Monday, April 25, 2011

pier one

we had our dinner at Pier One, IT park. we mostly ordered filipino foods (calamares, sinigang, dinugu-an, crispy pata, etc.) except for my cousin and uncle who ordered fish and chips. they actually said that pier one's fish and chips are better than waterfront's.
after we ate our dinner, my big brother decided to treat us an ice cream. we dropped by at parkmall (supermarket) to grab a chocolate ice cream which we ate at home.

P.S. we really did pig out again! hahaha!



Loresfashion said...

nice pictures

Allegra said...

looks like great fun

Alexandra said...

I am hungry now !

alexandra @

Kayla said...

Very cute!
Hope you come and follow my blog :)

Ira Velychko said...

i love your outfit, especially the striped shirt.
and i want to go out somewhere to eat right now too

Stevia said...

the food looks so good
i love how smiley everyone looks in these pics!


fashionpart said...

great photos!