Saturday, April 16, 2011

nobody's perfect

i just want to share Jessie J's new music video: NOBODY'S PERFECT. its one of my favorite songs from her new and first album, WHO YOU ARE. when i first saw the video, i was amazed because i didn't expect it to be bold and exaggerated; i was expecting it to look simple.. but what was i thinking? IT'S JESSIE J! hahaha! i didn't say the video's not good, in fact, i find it cool.

..and yea, i can totally relate to this song (that's why it's one of my fave!) i think most of us do, maybe not every line of it, but the song in general.



Kacrates said...

i love it when singers give us a messaage within a catchy song.

collagevintage said...

Love the video!