Thursday, April 21, 2011

a friend for keeps


i'm thinking how am i going to start this post and right now, while i'm typing, i decided that i'll just be random and let my hands do the talking/typing.
First, let me introduce you to the girl in the pictures above.. she's HANNAH, a dear friend of mine whom i met 7 years ago when we were just in high school. the night we took these photos was also the night we watched Bruno Mars' Concert here in Cebu. i told her that i'm going to make a post about her when i'll have the time. i don't know if she really believed me, but anyway, whether she believed me or not and whether she likes it or not, she can do nothing about it. hahaha!
back to what i was saying.. yea, i met her 7 years ago. we became friends on our first year of high school until now (we're already on our 3rd year of college, btw.) but between those years, a lot of things happened. we did have A LOT of misunderstandings and i'm glad we were able to solve those misunderstandings. she'd seen me at my best and at my worst. she's always there whenever i need someone to talk to especially when i'm pissed off with someone or something. she listens and gives me opinion which makes me think on the brighter side. she pushes me forward and boosts up my confidence when i feel like i can't do a certain thing. she listens to my rants, brags and even my life's boring happenings! she always makes time for us (and our other friends) to catch up even though most of the time i couldn't come/ cancel at the last minute (she can still manage to be patient.) she likes to treat her friends because she just wants to. if she trusts a person, she will really trust wholly which makes you trust her wholly too. in other words, i can share everything even my darkest/deepest secret without the fear of being judged or criticized. she's fun to be with. she can be crazy at times (in a fun and good way) which makes you go crazy too. she taught/inspire me to take risks and enjoy life. in short, she's a kind of friend who you can really call a friend worth keeping for.

nothing can compare to pure happiness.

happiness is contagious.

P.S. you can check and follow hannah's tumblr here.



maybe_coffee said...

you two are extremely cute.)

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Loove your style!
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cute outfit love the shoes

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so adorable. x hivenn

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THE CHEAP said...

Aw that's awesome. Having a great friend is one of life's best things.

You have a great blog too. I'm following you on bloglovin =)


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Gorveous pics!


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