Friday, April 22, 2011

peace, love and watches

yes, I DO LOVE WATCHES. i can still remember i cried over a watch when i was, i think, 7 or 8 years old (i'm not really sure.) it was the time when i saw a watch that has a shape like a tamagotchi. i really like to have it because i find it very cute but my mom said i already have enough watches and that's the time i started crying. my parents have no choice but to give in and buy me the tamagotchi-shaped watch! how silly i was back then. hahaha!
now, i don't really own a lot of watches compared to other people. i also stopped asking. (lol!) i don't own very expensive watches. three of my watches (the big, round watches above; brown-strapped, black-strapped and gold) are from my dad. when he wore the black-strapped watch for the first time, i eyed it for a while and asked it from him a few moments after. same goes to the brown-strapped watch. the golden one, i didn't specifically asked for it. he just gave it to me when i asked for a golden watch. its an automatic Ricoh watch which he had 20 years ago! i really love it even though it needs a little repair. the other two that i already mentioned above are both Timex watches. as for my other watches, they have different brands: timex, citizen, limit, next, pulse.

right now, buying watches (or should i say, asking from my parents) is not my priority, but i don't mind being given these watches..

P.S. i just changed my blog's look and banner. what do you think? hope you like it. :)



YouknowyouloveME♥ said...

Love watches too !

Alexandra said...

I love watches,but I simply don't own or wear any !

alexandra @

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lolita said...

I love the coloured one x

Sara said...

What a beautiful bunch of clocks!
I'm jealous! :)