Saturday, October 8, 2011

my gifts were wrapped in PJs

today's my birthday!

my friends surprised me an hour before my birthday! they sang How To Love outside my room with a candle-lit ube cake. i didn't hear them because i was using my earphones while listening to some music. my mom had to use a key to open the door so that they can reveal themselves to the oblivious me. (i'm so sorry about that friendsss. hahahaha!) i was really surprised and touched because i didn't expect them to come and surprise me due to the heavy rain + lightning! plus plus, the cutest part about them: they were all wearing sleepwear/pyjamas! :)

the 'rents decided that we'll eat at MB's Tavern. we stayed for only an hour because the store actually closes at 12 midnight (they had to extend 30 minutes more so that we can finish our food. thank you to that patient waitress!) we then went back home + the friends slept over.


Coldplay - Fix You
*the song has nothing to do with my feelings while making this post.. it was the song that was currently playing while they were singing outside my room. :D

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aiken said...

we sang the song twice! hahaha thanks for the treat del and sorry for leaving so early.